About Us


For the last 15 years, I have been creating beautiful memorial angel pins and have built a massive inventory of angel pin designs in any category you can imagine.

The angel pins signify who someone was, what they loved and what they stood for.

People from all over the world contact me to design an angel pin for their loved one, to capture the essence of their legacy in a piece of jewelry.

What a privilege to have the opportunity to ease another person's pain by giving them a special way to keep their loved ones close.


logo-lol2a-smallAfter my stepmom died a few years ago, I began to truly understand the importance of leaving a legacy for your family.

Watching my Dad sort through the paperwork of finalizing her estate and seeing the additional stress he encountered because of an outdated and incomplete Will, I realized that there was a need for an organizational tool for you to compile so that your family won't have to go through what my Dad went through.

She never would have wanted him to have to struggle to work out the details of her estate and I know you don't want your family to go through that either.

I have developed a systematic process to organize all of your legal documents and pertinent information into one binder, leaving your family with a priceless gift.  It's all presented in a Workshop format, where I give you step by step instructions and you complete Your Legacy of Love portfolio, or you can select the plus package, where I will build your portfolio and label it for you, or the Deluxe package where I build, label and fill your portfolio for you, so you don't have to worry about anything.

I know you can do this on your own, but I also know that human nature is to put it off, so why not let me help?  Click here to LEARN MORE.