Most People are Unorganized when it comes to finding Important Papers

Do You . . .

  • Search for hours for supporting documents?
  • Get Easily Frustrated when you can't find something?
  • Wish there was a better way to keep everything together and easy to find?​

Imagine . . .

  • Having everything you need in one place
  • Neatly organized and easy to find
  • Everything you do goes faster and smoother, giving you less stress and more time​

You can have it all!

  • Walk into your mortgage office with everything they ask for on the first visit.

Are you . . .

  • Going through a Major Life Change?​
  • Buying a House?
  • Applying for a Job?
  • Getting Married?
  • Starting a Family?
  • Retiring?
  • Widowed?
  • Easily find certifications for Employment Applications, don't just say you did it, show them.
  • Apply for Social Security Benefits with all the supporting documents on your first visit to their office, no more hassles over trying to gather supporting documents and make several trips to the Social Security Office and wait in line for hours.

Our Legacy Portfolio . . .

  • Unique Design of Pockets and Folders
  • Your important documents fit into one book
  • One of a kind design, not available anywhere else
  • Personalized to fit your needs
  • Convenient size to fit on a bookshelf or in your home safe

Our Legacy Workshop . . .

  • Step by Step Instructions to complete your portfolio
  • Workshop is online, providing privacy and go at your own pace modules
  • Videos, Worksheets, Checklists, Written Instructions
  • Accountability Support to keep you on track
  • Annual Reminders to keep your portfolio up to date
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